Best Whatsapp Alternative: Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal

Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal, What you think..🤔🤔 Which one is best for messaging..?

Most people are using WhatsApp but Whatsapp has recently updated its privacy policy allowing third parties (Facebook and its partner companies like Instagram) to access WhatsApp data. Which concerns users’ privacy and data, users start looking for the best WhatsApp alternative app that provides high security as compared to WhatsApp.

While looking for WhatsApp alternatives. There are many so many alternatives are available in the market but two messenger apps are mostly in talk and came up while comparing the features and other things, one is “Telegram” which is also the second most popular messaging app and the second messenger is “signal” which is new entrant but offers remarkable security features (it is also recommended by Elon musk).

Currently, with over 2 billion monthly active users, Whatsapp is the largest messaging service in the world. Of course, it is, because you can see your surroundings everyone who is having a smartphone is using WhatsApp. Following that, Telegram accounts for 400 million and Signal stand at an estimate of 10-20 million monthly active users. By looking at the raw numbers, it’s clear that WhatsApp is extensively popular and almost everywhere while telegram is catching up and signal seems to have just joined the race. Well, numbers do not tell you everything, hence here is a detailed comparison Between Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal. Let’s take a look at it…

Let’s start to do a comparison between these three instant messengers

Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal

Before going further first, start with the most questionable topic among these days “Security”.


Whatsapp had introduced an end to end encryption (E2E) in 2016 and it is available on every single mode of communication that WhatsApp enables. So whatever, you are sharing messages, photos, videos, voice & video calls, etc. all are encrypted. what it means, is that the sender and the recipient are the only people who can read the messages that both of you shared with each other. For Example, you have sent a message to your friend, then you and your friend are only the persons who can read that message.

Whatsapp uses E2E Protocol which is developed by Open Whisper Systems, A name behind the signal messenger. Which is widely peer-reviewed and considered the best protocol for implementing end-to-end encryption in messaging platforms.

It means Whatsapp can not decrypt your messages, the content, calls, photos, videos, etc., thus ensuring your security and privacy. But, It does not encrypt the backup (local or Cloud) and the metadata also. Metadata is basically used to carry the communication between two endpoints. This is one of the major criticisms of the WhatsApp security model. While metadata does not allow someone to read your messages but it allows, when and whom, you messaged and for how long.

At the end, it’s worthy to say, Whatsapp does a pretty good job of ensuring security for its users. Whatsapp has suffered a couple of major privacy issues, one of the recent issues with group chats. Group chats getting indexed in Google search, Which is not good for messaging app. Well, that issue has been be fixed now.


Telegram does offer some level of privacy/protection for its users when it comes to security concerns. Telegram support end-to-end(E2E) encryption. However, there are many cons, Telegram encrypts messages and other information but it’s not enabled by default. To use the telegram E2E encryption feature, you need to use its secret chats feature.

Messages sent in a secret chat is secured, but normal or regular chats are not. This means messages are encrypted in your device and it gets decrypted once it reached on telegram server. Again, the messages are encrypted on the server and sent to the recipient’s device for final decryption. Telegram has the encryption keys on the server-side and it can access your normal chats.

Telegram E2E flow Chart
Telegram E2E flow Chart

Here is one more con of telegram, if you’re using its secret chats feature, Still Telegram uses its own proprietary encryption protocol, MTProto, to encrypt your messages. This might be good and secure but it’s a closed-source protocol, security researchers can’t verify it. That’s why using an open-source protocol is better than a closed source protocol.


The signal is far better when it comes to its security. In both back-end or user-end facing side of the server. Just like WhatsApp, It uses an open-source protocol to implement end to end encryption. which is the most secured protocol and trusted by security researchers.

Just like WhatsApp, Signal also secure all types of communication like chats, voice calls & video calls. Going one step further, the signal also encrypts metadata too. As previously said, metadata is nothing but containing the sender and recipient’s message details, like whom, who sends messages, and at what time.

In order to protect user privacy from all corners, Signal come up with a new way to communicate between the sender and the recipient and it’s called “Sealed Sender”. Sealed Sender, no one will be able to know — not even Signal — who is messaging whom, which is superb.

In addition, the signal also provides some incredible security features, it secures or encrypts your local files as well as a backup with 4 digit passcode or biometrics. Apart from this feature, it also provides a feature to block screenshots within the app and recent chat.


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