12 Ways To Make Money Online – Make Money at Staying Your Home

Everyone wishes to make money by staying at home. No worry about Job a Workaholic boss. Who always pressurize you to work. Imagine What if you can make money online from your home. No need to wake up in the early morning. You can do your work at any time when you want.

Now it does not remain wishful thinking. Here you get professional guidance on how to earn extra stuff or make money online.

Hey friends, today I’m going to reveal my tricks. How I and Other bloggers make money online at their homes. In this list, you’ll find all the best ways to make money online in your free time on our own experience. We’ll keep adding new ideas/ways to this page so go ahead and bookmark it To let updated all-new ways. And please do share your own ideas in the comments!

Best Ways To Make Money Online in 2020

#1. Blogging

Hey, you’re interested in generating passive income? You need a website. It’s The way you can make money while you sleep.
In the starting, you may have little hesitation to start a blog, but when you know the facts about blogging then you definitely say it’s the best way to make money online.
You can google how much I can earn from blogging.

To start a blog it just takes 15 minutes with Bluehost. You get a free domain + SSL certificate + hosting at just 3.95$.

By creating a website, now you can create your own content and drive a good amount of traffic that is enough to catch the attention of webmasters.

Google Adsense is the first and best step most of bloggers consider to earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing is another best way to make money online. You just need to refer the products to customer’s and if someone clicks and purchases anything you get a good commission.

#2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another way to earn the highest money. Make money via affiliate marketing is not easy it’s little difficult for beginners.

You can sign up for affiliate programs and start promoting their products online. Share your referral link to your fans, audience, and network. If someone purchase via the link that you have shared you get a commission.


There are thousands of affiliate programs available where you can signup as an affiliate. You will find an affiliate network where a signal network you can find many channels. Some of the popular affiliate networks are commission junction, click bank, ShareASale, etc.

#3. Selling Your Own Products

Made a product with your own idea. Want to sell your designed, product. But first, you need to find an area of interest. What you want to sell digital or physical products.

After that, you need to select the merchandise you can sign up on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

Once you set up, now upload pictures and start promoting your products on social media networks. Now anyone can buy the products and you start earning money.

#4. Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine(after Google). Almost 5-6 billions of videos were viewed every single day.

Just need a creative mind or ideas to start making videos (funny, educational, songs) and start making your subscription. With more subscribers, you can earn more.

Apart from subscribers if your video has more views than you can join the youtube partner program. Where you can show ads on your youtube channel.

You can share your videos on social networking sites most of the YouTubers are famous via Facebook and now they are making money online Just sitting at their home.

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#5. Online Survey

You find this method at every blog post who writes about how to make money online. It is the oldest method to earn money. As the online business expand, every business needs the customer feedback what customer wants they like or dislike the products.

What changes they want, nowadays what users want what they like, which flavor. To know everything businesses do online surveys and give some money for completing the survey.

survey research

How do you get started with the survey? Well, by signing up with survey websites like Survey Monkey, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, American Consumer Opinion, and many others, you can earn up to $300+ in commission payments.

Tasks involved in the survey are usually simple, answering simple questions to recommending marketing tools that work and watch TV, using these survey sites. You can get paid via PayPal, shopping vouchers, and gift cards.

#6. Freelancing

Freelancing is the easiest business for providing services on the internet. You can get started, anytime, Just sign up on freelancing sites like freelancer, Upwork, guru, etc.

You can provide services like writing, designing, SEO, App development, data entry, IT services, and much more.

It could be to earn money because you are stay-at-home students on holiday in need of extra money. Freelance writing is lucrative work-at-home areas worth exploring for real income.

#7. Ebooks Selling

You can write your own ebooks and start selling them. EBooks are usually the realm of bloggers and internet celebrities. Anyone can create a book, you just need an idea of a book writing.

Once you’ve created your ebook, there are lots of sites you can sell it on: Lulu, PayLoadz, PaySpree, PayHip, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, Kobo Writing Life, etc.

#8. Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant, If you want to make some money from helping people, you can definitely make a decent amount of money doing this work.
Virtual Assistants are online remote assistant remembering you all important dates, work and meeting but online.

virtual assistant

You’ll cover lots of different tasks depending on who you’re assisting, but for a lot of people online it’s mainly: Email, phone calls, meeting, editorial work, and so on.

#9. Review products online

Reviewing a product or a service, sharing your opinion on platforms like Yelp will help you to hit a small amount of money. You get paid from $50 and up to $100 depending on the nature of the tasks you take. And when you combine this with the above ways of making money online, your income will fly on high.

There are so many websites who are reviewing based, reviews the product and services on your own website or a YouTube channel to start earning some gigs reviewing products.

#10. Offer Online Tutoring Services

With this you can earn in both mode: Online as well as offline. If you are a student or housewife want to earn some extra money. You already use quality essay writing or assignment making services. Yes, I earn $100 by doing assignments. It’s a seasonal work on exam time we earn a huge amount of money.

online tution

For a teacher/housewife, who wishes to work at home, Online tutoring students would come as a hand pick option that keeps you indoors. It takes a few steps to set up a tutoring platform, and you will soon be charging a small fee teaching students who sign up for your online courses.

There is another method you can sign up on online tutoring services and start providing home teaching services. Here you are providing home tuition by visiting students home. But it’s a headache work. You can opt for the first option of providing online courses and earn a good amount of money.

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#11. Ads clicking Job

Ads clicking is not a high paying job. But I list this because it’s the easiest and simple work you can do.

In this online work, you just need to view & click the ads & get paid for clicking each & every ad. You can earn $100 to $300 or more if you one an half hour daily on legitimate PTC (get paid to click) sites.

Here are the some steps you need to follow to earn from this program-

  • Join some best & legitimate PTC sites
  • Log in to your account daily
  • View all your ads daily

#12. Advise Online and earn money

If you think you’re an expert, you can help people by giving your advice. So, Now you can earn money by serving the answer/solution of other’s problem.

Make Money Online

Advice & Earn Online: It could be giving advice to someone who is struggling with a relationship/business/studies/family, answering a text questions about the problems or just helping someone out on a forum. If you’ve got the knowledge, you could be making money from it.

That’s the best method to helping and earning money online.

Final Words

These are not only the way to can make money online as there are various other methods through which you can earn money online or offline. But Here I mentioned only the best and popular ways that really help in making money.

Hence their is proven record of blogger’s who earn with their blog, using affiliate marketing, reviewing products, selling their ebooks and more.

There are a thousands of ways to earn money than you think. Just need to implement your skills at the right things, and you’re all done!

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