SEO Trends You Cannot Ignore To Miss In 2020

There probably isn’t any other field as dynamic as digital marketing. SEO, a very important part of that ecosystem, is even more so. While there are prophecies that it will be ineffective, or even obsolete, SEO experts have always found ways to find innovative solutions.

In 2020, SEO shouldn’t be any different for the community. With so many technological advancements in the digital space, the entire way of searching information is slowly but surely changing. Before we are overwhelmed by these changes, we need to adopt new ways of how SEO is being done now.

Let us look at the new SEO trends in 2020 that are going to the order of the say in the near future. Follow these to stay relevant before everyone overtakes you

1. Say Hello To Voice Search!!

It is going to completely change the way people search for information on the internet. SEO experts know is skilfully use the keywords that are typed into the search engines. But what about the voice searches?

Are we prepared enough to interpret the words – the actual words – used by the surfers while searching for something? If not, it is high time we start focusing on this area Where do we start then? Understand the voice search strings uttered by the users, and the long-tail keywords that are part of these strings, and deliver the results.

2. Mobile-First Index IS The New Way Forward

Web browsing on a mobile phone is like never before. Everyone has a smartphone these days and chances are that they first reach their mobile to read something or browse a website before they go to their laptops.

Digital Marketer cannot afford to ignore this segment of users in SEO. Everyone making their website mobile friendly and used responsive themes and the especially decent sized company is emphasizing on building a website for mobiles that are as good as the desktop sites.

So what is this mobile-first indexing? According to this new method, while ranking a website, Google bots will first look into the mobile one before the desktop site. That tells you how important it is to jump to learning and applying the SEO techniques for mobile sites.

3. Content Is Still The King, And Probably Never Be Dethroned

This is probably the only thing that will appear in every new SEO trends articles. That is the value of quality content. No matter how much a big SEO expert you are, and how good your SEO techniques are a website should have a quality content to achieve success.

Content does not mean just adding loads of blogs. It should instead be very relevant to what your users are looking for, and quite engaging at it That is why it is called quality content.

There isn’t going to be a change in 2020 either. The future SEO results will be largely based not on the quantity, but on the expert and trustworthy content.

4. Establish Your E-A-T To Be Relevant In 2020

This is closely related to the content we talked about. Google’s search quality rating guidelines – Expertise, authority, trustworthiness – are going to be a trend in 2020.

SEO experts should understand that the content creators should be an authority on the subject they are writing, an expert in the specific fields and also information that is being shared is trustworthy.

5. Aim For Position Zero, Not One!

Optimizing for featured snippets is going to be a trend in 2020. Remember those snippets are sections of a website from the results appearing before the first search result? Well, those are the featured snippets.

So optimizing for Google search experience is going to be as important as optimizing for your website. Answer boxes, Recipes, websites with blogs on finance, DIY blogs are going to drive a lot of traffic.

Google likes to show the exact answers to the questions users are searching for. So, optimizing for featured snippets will help you be right on top, well even better, on the position zero.

6. Dare To Think Beyond Google Search

2020 is going to be the year where you need to focus not just on optimizing for Google, but others too. Now when we say others, we are not talking about other search engines but other platforms.

Think about how you can optimize results for Amazon. Think about how you can optimize for YouTube. Learn how to optimize for the app store. In simple terms, optimizing for services and devices wherever people search for something is going to be a trend in 2020.

So an SEO expert shouldn’t limit himself or herself in just optimizing for websites. We should be able to do that anywhere they search for something. Whether it is a site where they search for videos or a store where they search for apps or a site where they search for things.

7. Video Marketing Is The New Cool SEO Trend In 2020.

Video content on the internet is growing exponentially and is not going to slow down anytime soon. Advertisers are already using video content in their campaigns and this is going to manifold.

Highly appealing video content is engaging users like never before, and companies are adopting this to attract users to their platform. In 2020, SEO experts need to know how video content marketing works and optimize for that. We should be ready to get optimizing video content for multiple platforms such as mobile and desktops.

8. Rank Brain Is A Going To Go All Crazy In 2020

Well for starters, this not a new concept. Rank Brain is Google’s algorithm that ranks websites based on the clicks it has received in the Google search. This is called the Click through Rate or CTR.

So if a website does appear in the SERP and the user doesn’t click on the website, Google ranker will drop the rank because users are not finding it relevant with the search keyword. So if you can optimize for Rank Brain so that the links get more clicks, you are a winner.

So optimizing for CTR is going to be an important thing in today’s age of millions of website having similar content. SEO experts cannot ignore optimizing for CTR in 2020.


In days of changing technologies and marketing tools, it is important that we find ways to improve the website ranks and also add value to the users who perform searches.

In an ever-changing landscape like digital marketing, we need to look out for the new changes, new technologies, and platforms, and adapt to them quickly to be relevant. While these are the most important trends to look out for in 2020, it shouldn’t stop us from exploring new ways to learn something that will make us stand apart from the crowd, add value to us and our clients.

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