SEO Meta Description length: You Need To Read This First before Setup

A few months ago, in December 2017, Google extended the tag Meta description term which is good news for SEO because they can better explain their services and promote their brand.

But recently, in May 2018, Google changed the character limit for Meta description.

In this article, you know all the important information and learn the things you should remember when you write the meta description tag.

What is a Meta Tag Description?

Meta tag Description A tag that usually contains brief information about your brand or services.

In other words, you can say that, The information you want to show users and customers in the SERP (search engine results page).

The meta description is marked between the <head> and </ head> of the HTML Web page. You can type this as

<meta name=”description” content=”  ”>

This helps you describe your website to both users and as well as the crawler (search engine). For example, each time you search Google for a query, let’s say you’re looking for a Mussoorie Tour package. Google will show you all results related to the search term.

tour package

In the image above, you’ll see the title, site URL, and description. The basic terms that Google displays for any search query. In general, people read descriptions if they’re attractive or direct to your site’s user.

Therefore, it is important that you improve your description, put it into action, and be useful.

How Long is Your Meta Description Should be?

Recently, Google updated the Meta description length. A few months ago, in December 2017, Google extends the meta description range to 155 characters to 300 characters. It’s useful for us because we can better explain our website and get more keywords.

But a few days ago, in May 2018, Google once again updated its policy or could revert to its previous policy that “the meta description must be 155-170 characters.” Danny Sullivan of Google confirms this. “Our search parts are now shorter than average in the last few weeks.” you can see

Danny Sullivan-thedigimarket

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How Do You Write a Good Meta Description?

Now you know about the Meta tag description and its character limits. Now you should focus on how to write a good meta description. So other’s can click on your site.

Characteristics of Good Meta description?

1. Must be Under 155-170 characters.

I can say that there is no “fix number” of characters to describe the definition. This depends on what Google offers in SERP.

For example, Google adds an article and review history that reduces the number of characters available in Meta description.

In addition, Google adjusts the Meta description length from time to time.

But it is good if you maintain your Meta Description 155-170 characters. Because if Google Increase and decrease the Length of Meta Description it should be maintained and it does not affect your on-page optimization.

2. Focus on keywords

When you write a description of your site, it’s important to focus on your specific keyword.

Also, remember not to do keyword Stuffing. Many people do it just to classify it, it’s a totally wrong way.

I know you do not accept it.

3. Make It Accurate

Your description needs to be unique. If it is the same website as others, it makes the user feel frustrated and bored.

Yes, the title can be the same because it must direct the keyword and make it expressive. But I suggest not doing it like others are doing something different that makes you different from the crowd.

If you can not write a unique description, leave it blank. Google will select a portion of the page that contains the keyword used in the search.

4. Make It Process-Oriented and Write An Active Voice

Yes, the call to action must be simple. Do not make it complicated simply because it is different.

Use the keywords you want, and you’ll find them more for products and sales if the page is related to the product.

For articles or blog articles like more information, get it now, try it free and useful for publishing.

5. Content Must Match

Google finds many sites that try to qualify as click fraud and are penalized by Google. But apart from this, it increases the bounce rate which is considered a bad practice.

Bounce Rate: bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Analytics, a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session.

The meta description should be relevant to the content of your page.

6. Content can be structured

Last but not least, you should plan the content you type on your page, develop it and organize it, so it makes sense for people.

Is the Google Always Display Meta Description in the SERP?

I know you said why I arrived so late at this. Yes, but don’t worry This only happens sometimes when you exceed the limit and put some errors such as writing an inappropriate description of your page, in which case Google automatically takes a description of your content. In general, it displays the initial text of the first paragraph or take any paragraph starting lines.

Benefits Of Writing Good Meta Description Under Limit

  • It’s useful to generate clickthrough rate (CTR) from search engine.
  • People can easily identify your business and services.
  • Drop your bounce rate and make it useful for readers.


At the end I hope you will get functional information and learn how to write an effective call to action meta description.

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