Exclusive List of 65+ High PR Free Search Engine Submission Sites

High PR Free Search Engine Submission Sites List: Every blogger wishes to enhance organic web traffic on their site. So, Search engines play a vital role in ranking and also increasing the organic traffic of their web site. An online search engine is the major resource of organic traffic on the Internet today with Google being the most popular. Some other popular search engines are Yandex, Bing, Baidu, duckduckgo etc.

Search engines are the main resource of organic website traffic on the Internet today with Google being most preferred. 9 out of 10 people preferred Google. In this post, I am sharing a High PR search engine submission sites list to allow blog/website owners to submit the URL of their blogs.

Although a majority of blog owners send their blog sites to Google for Indexing, I would certainly recommend you to send your blog to other online search engines likewise as it would certainly offer you a good amount in web traffic as well as important backlinks and faster indexing.

search engine submission sites

Nowadays many people index their blog post on Google and forgot to submit other search engine submission site. Submitting your blog to other search engines will rank your post on another search engine which further helps you to boost website traffic and authority on Google.

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What is Search Engine Submission?

Search engine submission is the process to submit your website to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, Yandex etc. for crawling and indexing of website data.

After publish a article, you need to index your site on search engines so that when a user search for a keyword that is relevant to your blog, Search engine can fetch your website from their database and show on Search Engine Result Page {SERP}. So the user’s can see and check your site.

How Does Search Engine work?

Here are three terms represented, Crawling, Indexing, and Fetching. Now first we need to understand What is Crawling, Indexing, and Fetching“? before providing lists of free search engine submission sites.

1. Crawling

Crawling is the process which begins with the list of URL’s presented in the sitemap, which is done by search engine crawler or spider. First Crawler comes to your website’s one page and starts crawling after it will start crawling every single page that is linked to that page. As Crawler easily understand sitemap structure so it is important to regularly (whenever you update your site) update your sitemap.

2. Indexing

Once search engine spider crawls your website, It stored it in its database and index your website data on search results according to relevant search terms or keywords of in respect to the post.

When a search engine crawler comes to your webpage it first crawls your title, URL, and description. That’s the reason why most of the bloggers says to put your keyword on Title, description, URL, and no doubt in your content.

Normally, Search engines will automatically crawl and index your website in a few days. But if your website is not crawled or indexed by them because of irrelevant content, over optimization or any reason, then there is no other option left than submitting your website to these search engines.

So, you need to submit your website to these free search engine website to make sure your website will crawl and index correctly.

Learn more about Crawling & Indexing.

3. Fetching

Now Search Engine bot crawl our website and index the data into the database. Fetching is the process of retrieving the data from the database.

Let’s assume a user search for “Make Money Online”. Request sent to the server. crawler got the indexed data that is stored in the database. Finding the result on the basis of the search algorithm it displays the result on SERP.

Why Do You Need To Submit?

There are various reason to submit your website on these online search engines. Submitting the website and rss feed to various free search engines will enhance your site organic traffic as well as ranking. You can send your site to major search engines to improve site ranking, traffic as well as authority of website.

List of Free Search Engine Submission Sites

Website NameLink
Google Webmasterhttps://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url
Bing Webmasterhttp://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url
Yandex Webmasterhttp://webmaster.yandex.com/addurl.xml
AddURL Amfibihttp://addurl.amfibi.com/
Pegas us Directoryhttp://www.pegasusdirectory.com/
1 abchttp://www.1abc.org/submit.php
Info tigerhttp://www.infotiger.com/addurl.html
AddURL Altavistahttp://addurl.altavista.com/
Active SearchResultshttp://www.activesearchresults.com/addwebsite.php
Exact seekhttp://www.exactseek.com/add.html
Giga blasthttp://www.gigablast.com/addurl
Entire webhttp://www.entireweb.com/free_submission/
Poly pathttp://polypat.org/submit.php
Direcotory Freehttp://www.directory-free.com/submit/submit.php
Elitesites Direcotoryhttp://www.elitesitesdirectory.com/
Search Sonicrunhttp://search.sonicrun.com/freelisting
Feed plexhttp://www.feedplex.com/add-url.php
Free pr webdirectoryhttp://www.freeprwebdirectory.com/submit.php
Fyber searchhttp://www.fybersearch.com/add-url.php
Black absolutehttp://www.blackabsolute.com/submit.php
Business seekhttp://www.businessseek.biz/page.php?page=submission-policy
Clay monthttp://www.claymont.com/asublegacy.asp
247 webdirectoryhttp://www.247webdirectory.com/submit.aspx
9 siteshttp://www.9sites.net/addurl.php
Online societyhttp://www.onlinesociety.org/submit.php
Info listinghttp://www.info-listings.com/submit.php
A1web directoryhttp://www.a1webdirectory.org/submit.php
Mad Submitterhttp://www.madsubmitter.com/submit-website/
Free Web Submissionwww.free-web-submission.co.uk/‎
1webs Directoryhttp://www.1websdirectory.com/

Benefits of Search Engine Submission

Improve Ranking:– Submission of your website on different search engines help you to improve your site visibility and ranking.

Quality Traffic:– Your site get more exposure. Drive the quality traffic direct to your site from major search engines.

Better ROI:- A successful web submission give a better ROI(Return on Investment) in many terms. Like more audience, subscriber, ranking, authority and so on.

Brand Awareness:– When Google rank a website on the top, it builds up brand name. You can take a example of “shoutmeloud”. It ranks higher on search engines and make a brand name among online marketing.

Cost effective:- Search engine submission is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay a bit of amount.

Greater placement of sharable/informative content over the web.

Focused promotion on the web.

Attract quality prospects to the blog/site.

Final Words

Submiting your Links to Online search engine is very important to get your brand-new blog crawled and indexed. Just as crucial is to obtain them indexed promptly. When you have actually sent your brand-new blog site to various search engines.

In the end, I would love to repeat that you can produce as numerous back links as you desire. Nonetheless, you require to target the right keyword phrases to improve your internet search engine rankings.

All these steps would help you get maximum direct exposure to your new blog site as well as increase its rank in major search engines.

Hope you have actually located our listing of Search Engine Submission Sites helpful. If you sending your new blog site to any type of other online search engine, then please let us recognize through comments section.

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