Top 50+ Free High DA Image Submission sites in 2021

In general,  Image sharing sites or image submission sites are the popular websites where a user or community(a group of people) shares their images for more visibility or popularity. From an SEO perspective, image submission sites are those websites where we can share our images and get relevant traffic from these images to our websites. Also, the purpose of image submission on different websites is to get more visibility on google and people can also access our website via google images.

Submitting your images on high DA image submission sites is one of the off-page SEO techniques. If you don’t know about all the off-page SEO techniques you must read this blog OFF page SEO techniques.

Every SEO person or Blogger wants high-quality traffic on their website. Which required rich content, quality backlinks, and popularity. Image or photo-sharing sites can be a powerful tool to promote your website or blog to get a good amount of traffic via reference channel or Google image search.

There are lots of image sharing sites in the world like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr…etc, Besides these, we at TheDigiMarket have listed the most popular image sharing sites and high DA image submission sites as well.

What is Image sharing or submission Sites?

Image sharing or submission sites are those websites where peoples submit or share their photo/image files is called Image sharing sites.

You can say, Image submission sites are a platform where user publish or shares their photos. These websites give you access to manage your photos publicly or privately.

Image sharing is one of the off-page SEO technique which is beneficial for authoritative backlinks and valuable web traffic. It will also increase your organic traffic via Google image search.

As you know, images are more effective as compared to text. Our mind learns and understands faster the visual effects as compared to text. This is why most people preferred images, infographics, or videos to learn or for better understanding.

While submitting your photos or images on different high DA image submission sites, make sure you’re utilizing the “ALT TAG”. An ALT tag is used to contain an image description. In other words, you can say it is used to describe your images for search engines such as google, bing, yahoo, etc,.

It is recommended to use your targeted keyword in the ALT tag for better understanding and visibility on the Search Engine Result Page.

image submission sites

Factors for image sharing sites

To get the benefit of image submission you need to understand what things to be considered before submitting images on different image sharing sites. What things to be considered:-

1. Use original images Only

While sharing your images on different image submission sites, always make sure you’re not using copied images which is already owned or submitted by someone else.

2. Select Right File Format

Selecting the right file format is essential while submitting your images on free image submission sites because the search engine generally shows the file which is into jpeg, jpg, png, or GIF.

3. Select Quality image

When you start doing image submission on various platforms, Make sure the images you select have good quality and resolution. Some websites have a specific resolution to submit the images before submitting your images once check the resolution size accepted by that platform. (Note:- Every website doesn’t specify the specific resolution, you can chose from your own as well and submit, but don’t compromise with quality)

You can also use various image optimizer to reduce your image size. Which helps you for faster uploading and process.

4. Use the ALT(Alternative) Tags

Most of the time many newbie bloggers or Digital Marketers neglect to add “alt tag”. Which cause they don’t get any benefit of image submission.  Adding alt tag will help you for long term ranking.

Try to add a proper alt tag title and description with the respective targeted keywords.

5. Submit the Images on High DA Image Submission Sites

After the above step, you need to find some authoritative image submission websites to submit your images. While submitting your images on the various platforms please make sure to check their DA, PA, and Spam score, Also you can check their monthly traffic, this will help you to understand which website will help in terms of ranking and traffic. Also, you will get to know whether the website will beneficial for the short term or long term.

You don’t need to research image submission sites on your own, because here we have listed high DA free image submission sites. Before exploring these sites let’s take a look at the steps for the image submission.

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Steps for Image Submission

  1. Go to the image sharing sites,
  2. Register or sign up on websites and then verify your email l’d.
  3. After the verification, Sign in on the website.
  4. Submit your images with the proper title, description, and website URL.
  5. Now wait for the approval or check for a live link.

List of Top Image sharing sites


Benefits of image submission

There are many benefits of image sharing on various platforms,

  1. You will get quality backlinks for your website
  2. Higher Reach to your audience
  3. A good amount of web traffic ( referral traffic and organic traffic as well)
  4. Get more exposure to your business & web content.
  5. Enhance the website ranking on SERP(Search Engine Result Page).



In this blog, we have discussed important things while submitting your images on different image submission sites. Also, we have listed top image submission sites in 2021 for better reach.  Users are free to share their images on the above-mentioned websites.

These websites will help you to boost your referral traffic and enhance your website ranking as well.

I hope these sites help you or your business to reach a more targeted audience. If we miss any image sharing site in the list you can mention it in the comment section to add the website.



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