What is Gray Hat SEO? Is It Harmful To Your Website?

If you read my old previous posts you know “What is SEO”. I have discussed the different types of SEO, Which is the White hat, black hat, and gray hat. Gray Hat SEO. Gray Hat SEO techniques do not come under illegal activities in SEO(Webmaster guidelines).

As you know that there are some Google webmaster guidelines in which some rules do not clarify that it is under white hat SEO or black hat SEO. Those techniques come under gray hat SEO. Gray hat SEO techniques are not risker’s than black hat SEO but not so good as white hat SEO.


Implementing gray hat SEO techniques will improve your search credibility in google. Let’s Talk about these techniques in depth if you don’t know about “what is SEO and it types”. You can visit here

New To Search Engine Optimization(SEO)? Here’s Everything You Should Know

What is Gray Hat SEO?

“There are some activities that are not defined in search engine guidelines or not disapproved by a search engine are called “Gray Hat SEO Techniques”. that’s why some people say how could google support that techniques, it is not right”

Gray Hat SEO techniques difficult to explain, as there are no particular activities that come under gray hat SEO. Some people call these techniques as totally black hat SEO and some say white hat SEO.

Following are the some gray hat seo techniques:

  • Buying Expired Domains
  • Cloaking
  • Link buying
  • Purchasing Social Media Engagements and followers

So let’s talk about each and every technique in depth. Discuss their pros and cons.

1. Buying Expired domains

One of the most used gray hat SEO technique to buying expired domains. If you do it carefully it is the chance to perform better on SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

What is Expired domain?

Expired Domains: Domain names that are expired and don’t get renewed by the owner. People’s buy these expired domains to increase their website ranking. It’s not a new thing in SEO, to improve website trust lots of people purchase this and, creating website backlinks on those sites.

There are lots of benefits of purchasing an expired domain. You can buy the authority of expired domain names, which have already some quality backlinks. When you generate backlink of your website to those sites it will surely increase your search engine ranking and improve your website authority.

Now how you can buy authority expired domain names, which can help to increase your website’s rankings, here are some crucial things you should know before buying an expired domain.

Check the DA of Website: DA(Domain Authority) is developed by Moz, It means how good your website. You can easily found out the popularity of any domain using Moz bar extension.

DA greater than 35-40 is considered good, creating backlinks on those sites is a good factor in SEO. You can buy those expired domain.

Check for the Broken Links: you don’t know what kind of backlinks, that expired domain has. If it has too many broken links or considered as spam by Google, then there is no benefit to buying such expired domain for SEO purpose.

There are so many tools are available to check broken links of a website. Some tools are paid but provide better result compare to free resources. Tools are semrush, ahrefs, seoprofiler, small seo tools.

Here, semrush and ahrefs is a paid tool. Seoprofiler is also paid but it shows you some result for free, after a limit it needs to upgrade. Small SEO tools are free, there is so many free tools you can use for the better performance of your website.

2. Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 is also considering as gray hat SEO because users generate tweak links or link cycle to their main website. In this, you can update your content and share on social media, HubPages, blog site, forums and more. It will improve your website traffic.

Benefits of web 2.0 submission are you can create backlinks. Although not every site gives Do follow links. To maintain the link balance you need to create no follow links also. The ratio between Do-follow links and no-follow links should be 1:4 respectively. Dofollow links are good for search ranking but no follow links give you more traffic.

Most websites give you quality traffic, where some of them only give backlinks. So it is important to invest your time on a website where you can get more traffic.

3. Keyword Stuffing

Yes, many of you say keyword stuffing is bad it falls under black hat SEO techniques, but what if we do carefully? It will increase your ranking as well as traffic from search engine.

Check the keyword density for your article. Check how long your article.

The optimal keyword density is 3%, after 3% of density, it will count as keyword stuffing, which Google strictly restricted.

Perfectly optimize your website as the keyword you choose is present in your title, description, Img alt tag, heading tags, URL, beginning of the content.

If your website is designed using WordPress, You can use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimizing content for your targeted keyword.

4. Link Baiting

Link baiting is a technique used for generating automatic backlinks to other sites.

But now the question is, how it is falls in Gray hat SEO? it’s a black hat seo technique.

Creating quality content so that others will refer your website automatically. You don’t need to ask or tell them to share your website. Traffic naturally comes to your site.

When you exchange links to others blogging sites in your industry/niche. Sometimes you pay or in exchange you give them a backlink from your site. Many bloggers do this to get ranked in search engines. It’s come under black hat SEO.

Caution: It is possible you get penalized by search engines if you are buying backlinks.

Now how you do link baiting so your website does not fall in black hat.

Write lenthy blog post, connect with your mutual bloggers ask them to share each other’s content on their website.

Frequently Share popular blogs using social media. Aware them that you share their content so that after some time you can ask to share your content.

5. Web Directory Submission

Another great method of gray hat SEO is a web directory submission.

There are thousands of free and paid web directories are available over the internet that you can use for high-quality backlinks.

Doing more than 10-20 directory submission is comes under black hat SEO tactics. Some competitors do this for your site so that you get penalized by Google and loss your search engine ranking.

If you don’t know how to properly do create quality backlinks here is a list of off page SEO techniques that completely comes under the white hat SEO. You can use these methods to create more quality backlinks.


As there are not any specific rules for ranking on Google. But there are so many white hat, black hat and gray hat SEO techniques that you can use to rank higher.

Using carefully gray hat seo strategies will help you get faster ranking in search engines.

If you have any question you can ask n the comment section, you can give your suggestions :).

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