Best Graphic Design Tips And Tricks In 2020

In understanding our world and trends, Designs play a crucial role and help us to get engaged with the content on the go. In 2019, you can expect to see plenty of digital and graphic design elements in more creative forms that you have ever seen. These Design Trends start from the Graphic Design Agency in Mumbai and other big cities in Tech Marketing. Some of these designs trend when they get a place in the industry. 

If you are a designer or are working in collaboration with the designing team, you always need to stay on the top of the Latest Graphic Design Trends. It does not matter what is the medium of your designing, understanding how styles are changing and evolving keeps your work fresh and classy in the eyes of clients. Please take a look at our top picks and start imagining how these Latest Trends in 2019 can help inform your style. Let’s get started – 

3D Design and Typography

Three Dimensional works are everywhere these days. The compositions in 3D have depth and are appealing to the eyes. And the most elegant part is 3D Typography always feels just ready to pop. For this trend, there is no any particular type that suits to this trend. Fonts like Bold, Sand-Serif and Script, etc. can be easily rendered in 3D. 

Apart from Typography, we’re seeing a lot of powerful 3D Designs and Compositions that give an impression of being still-lives. If we talk about stunning paper cut illustrations Eiko Ojala, appears like they were created from the elements directly from the natural world. All Three Dimensional Designs have another level of impact when they literally jump right off the page and make it impossible to look away. 

Consider White Space your friend

There are many designers who try to cover complicate things or try to fit in too much. But I designing sometimes Less is More. You should always try to keep everything to a minimum, this will be always remembered and required for branding. Yes, this is the trend in 2019. Just try to shorten the message and cover the more objectives. People don’t like to read a lot of things, so focus on the main points to get across. 

So, don’t be afraid of white space, it is your friend and it helps to display the actual message. 

Asymmetrical Layouts

Rigid-grid based designs were the standards for the past few years. Websites like canva and other template-based design sites provided beginners with beautiful websites and graphics products. But they are not filling the requirement of being more classy and alive designs. Today, Designers are looking to create products that feel more bespoke and alive. So, here enters the symmetrical design trend. 

These layouts have the ability to break free from the rigid and predictable grid, they deliver more energy and movement across space. Asymmetrical Layout, whether it is in the form of design composition, in-app or on a site, it always searches for attention and appeal. This layout generates the curiosity about where the information and graphics might go next, it creates a feeling of wonder and interest as they scroll or pursue a design. 

Font Experimentation 

In Graphic Designing, a lot of time consumed by experimenting with the fonts that work beautifully together. Fonts paired poorly always make your design to be felt uncomfortable, unfinished and unprofessional. In 2019, you can’t take the risk on your design to struggle for the best combination of fonts. So, it is always recommended in this era that one should allow as much time as possible in experimenting with fonts because it adds a significant difference to your graphics. 

Animations and GIFs

Take advantage of this trend by adding animated graphics to ads, email newsletters, illustrations icons, and logos. These Animation Layouts have a wide range of advantages. In social media, these animated graphics generate higher levels of engagement when compared with flat image content. 

Popular  Digital Marketing Experts like Neil Patel applying the same in their Instagram stories. So, if they are doing then definitely there is another level of gains in that. 

Cloud-Based Graphic Design Software

This is far away from just Graphic Designing. Here I am talking about some cloud-based designing software that could be used by anyone who has a good imagination ability. These designing sites have a free massive library of elements that anyone can utilize. And the best thing of all is, they are FREE! 

  • Canva – The most popular tool which is trending among the people who are from design and non-design background. This tool allows creating social media posts, Facebook Banners, YouTube Thumbnails and Posters and more with easy drag and drops tool. 
  • Crello – It is just another alternative of canva. 
  • Sketch – This is the advanced tool available online. Beginners have to spend time to use it seamlessly. This is a powerful designing software. 

Conclusion – 

So, the conclusion is Trends come and Go. Its all about what inspires the most? Once it is successfully able to appeal and generate curiosity it becomes a trend. What you have to do? Be on the top of the News and Updates in your industry. 

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