Tор 10+ Best URL Shоrtеnеr Websites For Making Money Online In 2019

Welcome to this article, How to make money online in 2019 via Highest Paying Best URL Shortener Sites.

Today’s life, everyone want to earn some extra money. Here we learn to make some extra money online using free link shortener websites. You can earn money via shorting your long URL into the shorten link.

It is an ideal and also simple approach to make Some money using your site, YouTube network or using Social Accounts. You can make up to 16$ on 1000 Sights which is excellent for Blog Owners and also YouTubers.

The best part of earning via URL shortener, you don’t need a platform for earning. If you are an employee in a Digital Marketing Agency or youtube video maker, Where you do your regular activity as per your routine.

You can use it. you just need to shrink the long URL into small links through this highest paying URL shortener.

Advantages of Using URL Shortener

Most of the URL shorteners convert lengthy website URL into the right short URL consisting of an arbitrary of letters and numbers. Other URL shorteners allow you to personalize your URL as though you retain your key phrase for that specific webpage.

By preserving your keyword in your URL, the targeted audience is more likely to visit your site and conveniently remember your website address for their future visit and also a referral to friends.

A URL shortener is beneficial in using Twitter which allows just 140 characters per tweet, thus giving you sufficient space to briefly define your website.

One more advantage of making use of URL shortener is a convenience in sharing your website with friends at social sites, groups, discussion forums, blogs, and SMS.


List of Highest Paying Best URL Shortener in 2019

#1.) ShrtFly

ShrtFly is one of them among Best URL shortener website in 2019 to make money. It pays you more rather than another website. You can transfer money to your account when you reach 3$. The minimum payout amount is 1$ via Paypal. You can earn up to 15$/1000 views.

ShrtFly is really the best URL Shortener that is why it is listed as #1 here.

The best part of using shrtFly.com is that it also has the referral program. So, you can receive a commission of 30% of your re
Today’s life, everyone wants to earn some extra money. Here we learn to make some extra money online using free link shortener websites. You can earn money via shorting your long URL into the shorten link.
Today’s life, everyone wants to earn some extra money. Here we learn to make some extra money online using free link shortener websites. You can earn money via shorting your long URL into the shorten link. referrals if you have any. Read More.

#2.) Shorte.st

Shorte.st is another highest paying URL shortener. It pays for each and every visit to your short link.

Shorte.st will provide you $5 to $6 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL and also the minimum payment is likewise lowest just 5$. Your earning amount will be sent instantly on the 10th of each month.

Another great part of using Shorte.st is their own plugin. If you are using WordPress so you can use their plugin to make some extra money, which will surely help you in earning. Read More.

#3.) ouo.io

ouo.io is among Top 3 URL shortener Over the world. It has 343 Global Alexa Ranking.

Shorten the long URLs and earn big money. Get paid each visit by your short URLs. The best part of ouo.io is it will automatically send your payments on the 1st and 15th day of every month. The paying amount is low which is 5$. ouo.io offers us a 20% referral commission which they get by advertising. Read more.

#4.) Linkshrink.Net

LinkShrink.net is another one of the best URL shortener services which let you earn money by shortening your long URL. You can make $3 to $5 per 1000 sights on the URL shorted by you. This rate might changes from country to country.

The best part on linkshrink is that you will also get $25 commission from your reference if you have some. Additionally, the minimum payment is $5. So, just sign up with LinkShrink, Short your URL as well as share it on websites, social sites etc. Start Earning Today. Read more.

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#5.) ClicksFly

It is just like the ShrtFly Url shortener. But the lowest paid amount is 3$, which you will be paid via Paypal, Paytm or other ways. Clicksfly also has a referral system which gives you a 20% commission on referring to your friends. You can make money in just 3 steps: create an account, short a link and post it – for every visit, you earn money. It’s just that easy! Read more.

#6.) Linkvertise

In the Town of make money via short URL there is a new URL Shortener service Linkvertise. It is the highest paying link shortening site in German speaking countries.

Linkvertise do not advertise pop ups or annoying layers and still offer a top payment. You can earn up to 60-70€ per 1000 views. It also give daily payments via paypal or bank transfer. Read more.


Bc.vc is the free URL shortener service which you can sign up to make money online. One can make $10 per 1000 visits on your Shortened URL. Bc.vc also offers us 15% commission if you don’t intend to share web links after that you can refer turn on individuals they will earn for you. It has 4636 Global Rank. Another highlight is that you can inspect the real-time statics of your Shortened URL. They have set the minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Read more.

#8.) Payskip.me

payskip.me is newly launched URL shortener service that offers some of the best rates. It gives you up to 2$(Minimum) to 15$(Maximum) per 1000 visits. Which is high as compared to others URL shortener. Like the other URL Shortener services, it gives you a 20% referral commission. payskip.me has another great advantage is it give you a daily payout. The lowest payout amount is 5$. Read more.

#9.) LinkBucks.com

Linkbucks is a trusted best url shortener. You can earn 0.6$ to 7$ per 1000 visits. Amount may vary from country to country. The best of using linkbucks is you get instant  payout when you reach you minimum payout. Minimum payout amount is 5$. Linkbucks will give you 10% of their earnings for a lifetime. In addition, you also receive 5% of earnings from your referrals. Read more .

#10.) al.ly

Al.ly is a free URL shortener service which allows you to earn money for each visitor you bring to your shrinked links. The best part of using al.ly is they pay daily for each visit to your short URL. You can request for payout once you reach at least $1.00.  You earn 20% commission on referrals for lifetime! Read more.


These are the best URL Shortener website which pays you more on 1000 views. Every service has their own benefit. So start earning some extra money online via these free best URL shortener. The money is definitely yours until you are willing to share…Take a step forward.

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